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Paging Systems (Overhead Paging)

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What Is it?

The ability to get in touch with someone remotely via a paging system is an important aspect of many business environments including offices, retail spaces, warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers and virtually any public space. It makes a difference in business, in crowds and on an interpersonal level.

How It Can Help Your Business

A workplace paging system is a valuable asset, especially when communication is an integral part of the day-to-day business. Grocery stores, for example, rely on intercom communication for their operational success; employees use the paging system to ask for help in the checkout lines or with bagging groceries. Contacting one person among very many is possible through public address paging. Anyone who has gotten separated from a group in an airport or at a sporting event or in a large retail environment can attest to the importance of making contact immediately.

Overhead paging can be a very effective tool to accessing people or quickly distributing information in a small or very large space. In addition to the advantages of reaching people a paging system can also be very effective to make general announcements or to announce visitors or incoming calls or provide quick response to critical conditions and send clear directives in emergency situations.

The technology that allows overhead pages can also be used in various other ways such as using tones to announce shift changes, breaks, emergencies, or door bell alerts. The ability to make a single announcement to multiple locations or buildings simultaneously, the ability to monitor noise in specific areas (e.g., to check that unmonitored machinery is running) or to send pages or activate messages from any facility phone that needs to Page employees and guests or program time tones to signal responses needed for various security level alerts.

Any environment can benefit from the many advantages of an overhead paging system and all of the peripheral benefits it offers. The paging system also becomes the backbone to carry music or advertisements to your guests or customers. In many office or retail environments the soothing effects of background music becomes an essential component in a positive customer experience providing both the pleasant distraction of music with the opportunity to provide customers with real time information about products or events in your facility.

How It's Implemented

Part of Prime Communications’ commitment to providing an inclusive and comprehensive communications package includes paging and music products of exceptional quality from suppliers like Bose Professional systems, TOA, and Bogen.

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