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Our Security Cameras in Calgary

Businesses today have more responsibility than ever before to provide safe work environments for their staff and customers. One of the best ways to ensure safety is by installing security cameras in Calgary at your business. At Prime Communications, we can help you decide what types of security measures are necessary and then design and install a system that makes sense for your property.

All businesses are looking for the ways to improve profitability. Reducing loss from theft and being able to identify customer purchasing patterns are key ways to achieve this. The new IP networked camera systems from Panasonic provide the tools to make these functions easy to manage.

Why Your Business Needs a Security Camera in Calgary

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you are in, security is important. At Prime Communications, we can implement surveillance systems custom tailored to match the size and unique needs of your commercial environment. Installing a security camera at your Calgary business is a great way to protect your assets like equipment or data while providing customers and employees peace of mind. Other reasons to boost your security measures include:

  • Theft: Whether external or internal, theft at the workplace can be crippling to a business. Not only will security cameras deter theft, if an incident does occur, it can help you backtrack and attain information about who may be behind it.
  • Company Policies: If you're worried employees might not be following company policies or protocol, installing security cameras are a great way to change that.
  • Court Policies: Having video evidence of situations that occur at your worksite can help in cases like accidents or other legal issues. Your business will know exactly what happened, which can improve your legal standing in certain situations.

How Security Cameras Can Protect Your Business

You’ve worked hard to keep your business afloat and even harder to make it thrive. You've invested your time, effort and money, so choosing the right security product to help protect them is good business practice. You need to do everything in your power to keep your valuable assets protected. This is how a security camera in Calgary at your business can help you safeguard your most important resources.

Front entrance

Depending on the nature of your business, the importance of having a security camera pointed at the front entrance of your Calgary business will vary. For example, if you have a jewelry business, you may wish to see who’s at your door before buzzing them in.  But other business owners can benefit as well. Retailers can monitor the comings and goings of clientele, and all owners can reap the benefits of having footage that can be used as evidence should criminal activity take place.

Rear entrance

The back door can be a vulnerable area of your business if it isn’t monitored. The criminally minded may see this as an easy point of entry for robbing your business. However, the allure is diminished by the presence of a security camera. Furthermore, employees who are leaving this way, either to throw items in a bin or simply at the end of a shift, can make sure the area is secure before exiting.

Cash registers

Many business owners find they have fewer money handling issues when they start monitoring cash registers. Dishonest employees are less tempted to risk underhanded maneuvers, and those who do tend to dip into company funds, give unauthorized discounts, or free products, are quickly caught on film and easy to dismiss.

Stock room

Many businesses use a stock room to keep overflow products and/or company supplies. But when these critical areas are left unmonitored, the assets contained within may disappear. Keeping stock rooms under surveillance ensures your products are protected.

Business areas

When business areas are kept under surveillance, employee performance, business transactions, and other important aspects of your daily operation become easy to monitor. Cleaning crews and contractors can also be observed to ensure adequate functioning.  Security cameras within the bounds of business areas can also help protect merchandise and ensure employee safety.

Networked surveillance for Calgary businesses

At Prime Communications Services Ltd., we help keep your business secure with our comprehensive line of Panasonic IP network based monitoring systems and security cameras in Calgary. With a range of high-quality options, we have one that is right for you. These systems are invaluable in the protection they provide. Contact us today to get more information or to receive a free estimate.

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Have you experienced a security issue at your place of business? Would you simply like to increase the safety of your property with innovative surveillance equipment like a security camera in Calgary? At Prime Communications we can help you design the security camera system you need. To learn more about what we can do, give us a call today.

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