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Can I move a phone and keep the same extension?

Most phones are connected to a wall jack and need to have the physical connection changed to move. Some telephone systems – such as the Avaya BCM and Norstar - have the ability to move sets and the system assigns the correct programming.

How do I transfer a call direct to a user mailbox?

If you have a BCM or Norstar system with voice mail you can use Feature 986 and then enter the mailbox number and the call goes direct to voicemail without ringing on the set.

My phone shows that there is a message but when I check my voicemail says there are no messages, why?

On Norstar and BCM systems there is an old feature that someone else on the system could send an alert that they were trying to reach you. To clear these out press Feature 65 and then press the Hold key for each entry to delete it. When done, the Message for You should be gone.


Cordless – I cannot hear the ring indicator.

When using a remote lifter unit, the microphone must be placed directly over the speaker of the telephone. Sometimes the ringing volume gets turned down on the set as well so turn up the ringer volume a bit (it does need to be quite loud).

There is a beeping every few seconds, what is it?

This indicates that either you are too far from your base unit or that the battery is low.

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